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NEW Video Capture class wrapper. Download demo of the Clarion wrapper for the MS AVICap video capture class ( AVICap supports streaming video capture and single-frame capture in real-time. In addition, AVICap provides control of video sources that are Media Control Interface (MCI) devices so the user can control (through an application) the start and stop positions of a video source, and augment the capture operation to include step frame capture.
Follow the link below to purchase the source ($79.95 US):

Crystal Clear Class is pure Clarion source ABC/Legacy compliant class (no dll black boxes) that duplicates all the functionality provided by SoftVelocity's Crystal Reports class interface plus additional features. These features include:
- Ability to embed Crystal report preview inside of the Clarion window to fit the whole client area or selected rectangle
- Export report to selected file format or to the MAPI
- Log on to the SQL server
- Connect to the ODBC serever or use existing ODBC connection
- Pass parameters and formulas to the report
- Change database at run-time
- Change printer at run-time

- Set a printer for the print job
- Works with C4, C5, C55 and CR6, CR7, CR8 and CR8.5 compatible
- You want more? Adding of the new features is available upon request.

Download  demo ( Click here to purchase the source.

58 KB

FTP Client and FTP downloader show how to use sync and async features of the wininet.dll in Clarion applications. If you you are interested in purchasing the source code please do not hesitate to contact me or buy it right now for a nominal fee of $60. Download FTP Client   Demo.

125KB (DLL and EXE)

This a demo version of Clarion class wrapper for the TX Text control  from . Class wrapper  allows Clarion programs easily access TX Text Control features to view, edit and print .RTF, .DOC, .HTML and native TX files. Try C5ee demo ( or c55ee version ( Check for more info.


Bremen, Germany (May 28, 2002) - TX Text Control the Enterprise/XML version, featuring a rich set of properties for the manipulation of XML and CSS was released.
Building on the stability of the Standard and Professional versions, the new Enterprise/XML version enables developers to build applications that take full advantage of XML. Developers now get the chance to offer end-users the ability to separate their textual content from their formatting rules and to create both human and machine-readable documents with minimum effort.

Check for more info.

162KB (DLL and EXE)

Demo ( of the WSpell ActiveX professional quality, royalty free spelling checker from Wintertree Software. It can spell check standard Clarion TEXT and Locus RTF controls (Locus RTF class has to be modified). To run this application you can download a trial WSpell.OCX version from
Buy the template or let me know if you are interested in purchasing a control template to integrate WSpell with you Clarion application.

287 KB (EXE)

Example apps showing how to use ICMP, FTP, SMTP, and MIME features of the Catalyst's SocketTools 3.1 Library Edition. All the prototypes are included ( 

48.3 KB (source included)

This is another demo showing how to play AVI files on a Clarion form using Animation control from the comctl32.dll. Nicely wrapped in the AnimationClass (

17KB (DLL and EXE)

Another control from the Comctl32.dll. SliderClass allows you to select  a value using a slider control. Just like in VB (

12KB (DLL and EXE)

Progress Bar common control (

13 KB (LIB and EXE)

If you want to put icons and/or Progress Bar in a Status Bar feel free to try Status Bar demo (

14 KB (LIB and EXE)

This is another goodie from the Comctl32.dll. Native MS Calendar Control in a form of Clarion class. You can put it on your form, create a date look-up procedure etc. Just don't forget to sub-class your form. Check out the example (

15KB (DLL and EXE)

Follow this link if you are interested in purchasing the sources of the five common controls above to give your app native MS Windows 32 bit look ($99.95).
Check out collection of the template wrapped common controls at


KSbgc template allows your users to apply custom background to application windows at run-time. This template adds a background selection submenu to any existing menu (Screenshots 1, 2).
Try KSbgc demo (
Get beta version now for $45.00 and upgrade to gold for free. To pay you can use PayPal I accept payment through PayPal! . BMT Micro and ClarionShop links will be added shortly.


Another class and template to add some cool looks to your application windows. Try KSAnimateWindow demo ( Check these special effects when showing or hiding windows. Get beta version now for $44.95 and upgrade to gold for free. More features to come. ABC and Legacy support. To pay you can use PayPal (prefered), ClarionShop or BMT micro
Template screenshots (1, 2).
I accept payment through PayPal! Also check the demo of KSCoolLooks class which allows easily animate static string controls, add color gradient to windows and save window or window client area to bmp files. KSCoolLooks is included with the KSAnimatedWindow package.


Really easy way to download one file using MSIE user interface (

8KB (source included)

Example app showing how to ping, establish and check for dial-up connection from Clarion code  (

282KB (source included)

The IsDestinationReachable API determines if the specified destination can be reached, and provides Quality of Connection (QOC) information for the destination.

24KB (source included)

Get Network Adapter Address (

6KB (source included)

Host Name-to-IP Address and IP Address-to-Host Name resolution (

19KB (source included)

Using SHGetFolderPath to Find Popular Shell Folders
Using the new MS 'Best Practice' of SHGetFolderPath to retrieve a special folder's pathname
This is a port from VB. Check out the source at

14KB (source included)

Some of the undocumented common dialogs from Shell32 (

6KB (source included)

Demo app showing how to pass strings between Clarion and VB. (

276KB (source included)

How to shutdown Windows NT from Clarion code (

8KB (source included)

How to obtain descriptions of a Win32 API error codes (

8KB (source included)

Disabling the Form Close Menu and 'X' Button (

20KB (source included)

Open and print file using FindExecutable and ShellExecute API calls (

10KB (source included)

A sample app that shows how to load and use animated cursors in a Clarion application through the use of the LoadCursor, SetCursor and SetCapture APIs (

10KB (source included)

This app demonstrates how to toggle the NUM LOCK and  CAPS LOCK keys under both Windows 95 and Windows NT (

11KB (source included)

Block CTRL+ALT+DEL and ALT+TB in Windows 95/98. (

10KB (source included)

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