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 Tool and Examples for Clarion Developers

FTP Client and FTP downloader show how to use sync and async features of the wininet.dll in Clarion applications. If you you are interested in purchasing the source code please do not hesitate to contact me or buy it right now for a nominal fee of $60. Download FTP Client   Demo. 125KB
Demo of the class wrapper for the TX Text control 6.0 from .
This a demo version of a soon to be released class and control template that allows Clarion programs to view, edit and print .RTF, .DOC, .HTML and native .TX files (
This is another demo showing how to play AVI files on a Clarion form using Animation control from the common control dll. Nicely wrapped in the AnimationClass ( 17KB
Another control from the Comctl32.dll. SliderClass allows you to select  a value using a slider control. Just like in VB ( 12KB
This is another goodie from the Comctl32.dll. Native MS Calendar Control in a form of Clarion class. You can put it on your form, create a date look-up procedure etc. Just don't forget to sub-class your form.Check out the example ( 15KB
Example app showing how to ping, establish and check for dial-up connection from Clarion code  ( 282KB
Get Network Adapter Address ( 6KB
Host Name-to-IP Address and IP Address-to-Host Name resolution ( 19KB
Using SHGetFolderPath to Find Popular Shell Folders
Using the new MS 'Best Practice' of SHGetFolderPath to retrieve a special folder's pathname
This is a port from VB. Check out the source at
Some of the undocumented common dialogs from Shell32 ( 6KB
Demo app showing how to pass strings between Clarion and VB. ( 276KB
How to shutdown Windows NT from Clarion code ( 8KB
How to obtain descriptions of a Win32 API error codes ( 8KB
Disabling the Form Close Menu and 'X' Button ( 20KB
Open and print file using FindExecutable and ShellExecute API calls ( 10KB